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About the Chamber


The Gypsum Chamber of Commerce was formed in 2009 to Promote businesses and services in Gypsum and the surrounding areas, Provide networking and promotional opportunities to members, and Encourage involvement in community.

In March of 2009, several business owners from Gypsum met to discuss the formation of a group designed to promote business in Gypsum. This grass-root effort led to the formation of the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce with an initial 58 Founding Members.

It can come as a surprise to some people that Gypsum has over 300 working businesses. The Gypsum business community is vast in geographic size and is home to various types of businesses, from office space and retail stores, to light industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Encouraging residents to THINK GYPSUM FIRST helps employ and support neighbors and friends, as well as keeping sales tax dollars in our local system to support Gypsum’s services, parks, entertainment and recreation.

The Town of Gypsum actively supports the business community and the Gypsum Chamber is proud to serve as a major Sponsor in the town’s great line up of events.

The Gypsum Chamber is focused on putting a big spotlight on Gypsum, but it is also about getting businesses familiar with each other’s goods and services so that everyone is able to help promote one another.

With 90+ active members and growing, the Gypsum Chamber encourages the community to THINK GYPSUM FIRST when making buying decisions!